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3 months after launch

Baby Name Clusters has been on the air for about 3 months. My goal is to have more people finding and using the website, and we are making progress in some areas, but not much progress in terms of traffic, shown here:

We had a strong starting week where I advertised on Google using Adwords. Then it has been pretty low traffic ever since.

However, for good news, I have been linked to from several respectable baby name websites, listed in the dmoz.org web directory, and our search position for "baby names" has risen from past page 30 to approximately page 10 (according to the summary at Google webmaster tools - but when I try I can't find it in the top 1000 hits). My goal is page 1 or 2, and to do that I need to find some forums where I can introduce this website so that more people to talk about this website in their blogs so that my PageRank improves. I could also spend some cash on ads which seems unsustainable.

There are some other interesting stats from the Google Webmasters web page which shows how high my page is ranked for certain searches. Other than a bunch of not-so-famous "famous people" that have wikipedia entries, another strong search keyword is "charts." So, perhaps I should try to talk more about the cool charts that are on this site.


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