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Fun new maps of Baby Names Across America!

Welcome to the first of its kind, USA maps of baby names! Each state is colored according to the popularity of the name (lighter is more popular and darker is less popular). You can instantly see why some names which are so high of the list for the USA are actually kind of low in your region (or visa versa).

Here's a link for "Emily" where lighter is more popular and darker is less popular.


Most popular baby girl names

What are the most popular bay girl names? That sounds like a simple question, but like most things, there are a lot of nuances: what year or range of years? should spelling variants or similar sounding names be ignored or merged? what part of the world? what part of the USA? what ethnicity or race? You might have obvious answers to these questions, but your answers might be different than someone else's.

This website currently aims to merge similar names into clusters while sorting by rank. As an example, here is a list of the most popular baby girl names with a "medium" amount of clustering. Thus, the top ten baby girl names (averaged since 1880, with a strong emphasis on recent years) and clustered "medium" is:

  1. Emily: Emelia, Emelie, Emilia, Emilie, Emily
  2. Emma: Em, Emmie, Emmy
  3. Madison: Maddison
  4. Isabella: Isabel, Isabelle
  5. Ava: Ev, Eva, Eve, Evie, Evy
  6. Alexis: Aleksey, Alexa, Alexandra, Alexandria, Alexina, Alexine, Alix
  7. Abigail: Abagail, Abigale, Abigayle
  8. Sophia: Sofi, Sofia, Sofie, Sophie, Sophy
  9. Hannah: Hana, Hanna
  10. Olivia: Olive, Olivya, Olva

However, if the clustering is very lenient with lots of names similar to the main name, then the top 10 list changes to look like this:

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