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Preparing for Newborn

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Medicine at home for a new baby

(Disclaimer: this is not medical advice, it is merely a list of infant medicines which your doctor may advise you to use. Every baby is different. please consult a pediatrician with any health concerns)

My sister just had a baby and while she was still pregnant, she asked me what drugs besides Syrup of Ipecac she should have ready to give the baby. My first response was "THROW AWAY your syrup of ipecac." Unlike when we were kids, it is no longer recommended that ipecac be kept at home or even used under most conditions (also, a newborn is not going to be crawling around getting into trouble under the kitchen sink quite yet).

Other than that, babies under 6 months should generally NOT be given any drugs without consulting his or her pediatrician. Once you (the new parent) learns from the doctor how and when to give drugs like Tylenol, then you might end up making the decision on your own if the baby is older than 6 months. But, in nearly all cases you will want to talk to the doctor before (or soon after) giving drugs. The medicines listed here are handy to have in case it is in middle of the night and the on-call nurse or doctor advises you to give the drug.

Get ready for your new baby

When our first baby showed up, we were not ready. The room wasn't ready, we didn't have the right supplies, we hadn't picked a name and we were not mentally prepared. The main goal of this website is to help you pick a baby name, but it seems like some general advice/ideas would be helpful, too.

Here are some future topics. I will activate these links as the pages get written.

Do you have any other suggestions? Please comment below.

Also, you may have found out that everybody has advice for you - whether they tell you or not. The most important thing is for you to trust your instincts (assuming you are a good person). But, the second most important thing is to keep an open mind and be receptive to others (your partner, your kid, your peers, and some experts). Billions of people have done this before you, so be prepared to do some learning - it can be a wild ride.

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