Last year, about 4 months away from expecting our second daughter, we began the all-important name search. Our first daughter's name begins with "M" in memory of my mom, Marsha. We wanted to honor my mother-in-law, Alice, with an "A" name. We searched high and low for names. Since this would be in recognition of Alice, she also had to like the name. Let's just say that she didn't like any of our choices and we didn't like her choices. It was tough to get 3 people to agree on a name. So, we abandoned the "A" first name and went with something that we both really liked, then picked a middle name which begins with "A".

My name is Brian, and my real job involves computer stuff, so I thought I could make a baby name website, but with a different twist than all the others out there. I was sick of all the websites which just showed lists of names and their meaning and tons of ads with no creativity. I thought these 3 things would be more interesting:

So, I spent about five hours a week for six months compiling the data and linking it all together.

Hopefully you like the website and pick some great names!

Finally, feel free to send questions or suggestions or complaints using our Contact Page.

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